SWOT Analysis
  • Unique and innovative approach to human resource development and knowledge creation
  • Cooperative, bilateral kind of “group supervision of lived practices and challenges in face-to face and virtual encounters”
  • Dedicated people
  • High relevance: Communication as a key success factor
  • In tune with objectives of the territorial cooperation strategies
  • Customer oriented setting and networking
  • Clear objectices and potential for continuation
  • Improve regional businesses and education on the basis of constructive communication as a rewarding quality and intrinsic value
  • Create cooperative structures (business and educational) that sustain, deliver mutual benefits, and increase competitiveness on the market and in research
  • Strengthen the image and publicity of the region and its institutions
  • Follow-up projects (EFRE and others)
  • Increase mobility in the region
  • Confirm the impact of the Person-Centered Approach on constructive communication, teamwork, and learning/knowledge communities
  • Develop innovative research approaches in the context of constructive communication
  • International publications and contacts
  • Quite general and broad theme
  • Number of persons/organizations to be directlyreached in workshops is limited
  • Scientific success is hard to measure precisely
  • Needs time to produce results since deep communication competences needs time to unfold
  • Insufficient support
  • Transfer of communication competences doesn’t work out well
  • Lack of interest or time from industry and/or educational institutions