Strategy, Management and Implementation

  • Set-up of partnering project teams at the Universities
  • Establishing initial common understanding, communication paths, and agreeing on next steps in a kick-off meeting
  • Iterative design of the interactive iCom web-site
  • Iterative and cooperative development of the iCom “business plan”, based on the project proposal
  • Affiliate relationships with partners
  • Designing and realizing the Doctoral courses strategy and content
  • Designing and realizing practice/research workshop strategy and content


Sustainability/Revenue Plan
It is assumed that doctoral students of MUNI and UNIVIE will continue to be able to participate in doctoral courses at the partner universities due to a cooperation agreement between the two universities being in place since several years. Regarding the practice/research workshops the idea is that industry representatives will perceive them as valuable and worthy of being carried on. Organizations are expected to support universities in conducting them or they will take turns in organizing networking events for cooperative learning and knowledge creation. The iCom web-site and book are expected to reach yet more persons and organizations and to motivate them to establish “satellite communities”. Furthermore, iCom is expected to generate follow-up postgraduate learning opportunities at the Universities and project proposals for continued and expanded cooperation with neighboring nations.