iCom goals

·       Implement constructive communication as sucess factor in organizations

·       Support the territorial co-operation of Austria and the Czech Republic in the IT context

·       Establish relationships & shared visions between universities, industry and schools

·       Build up “active listening” competences

·       Enhance the perspective on economic, social and scientific environments in a miscellaneous and real way to improve decision making

·       Make a contribution to successful solutions and further developments by using person-centered, constructive communication


         iCom offers

·       A bilateral, praxis-oriented doctorate offer

·       Practice/Research Workshops to support the network between organizations (SME, educational institutions) among themselves and with the universities

·       A web portal to support the interaction between the partners

·       An atmosphere, in which you can achieve more with your partners than alone



·       Is interactive

·       Supports cooperative processes

·       Seeks dialogue, exchange of ideas, linked learning and problem solving beyond national and organizational boarders

·       Encourages impulses for practice and research

·       Creates sustainable  approaches, relationships and creative competitive edge