Outcomes and Activities

Doctoral supplementary program consisting of 4 courses aimed to support students working on theses that generate knowledge and find solution-paths in the context of practical problems and professional competences related to ICT.

Series of 8 bilateral practice/research workshops as mediators between academia, industry and educational institutions as a forum for cooperative sharing, learning and knowledge creation.

Virtual communication. The iCom web-site (http://www.icomproject.eu) is set up as a simple interactive site under GoogleSites and interlinked with the web-sites of the Masaryk University, University of Vienna (Postgraduate Center and Faculty of Computer Science) AT-CZ-site, and various web-sites of affiliate partners such as ALE, CERIT, Brno CEP group, NSM Cluster, etc.). Primary personas are representatives from industry (SMEs), educational institutions, students (at doctoral and master level), representatives from the AT-CZ authorities and the scientific and organizational members of the iCom team. Furthrmore, the project team will use Google Docs for cooperatively working on documents and presentations.

Professionals to act as multipliers in passing-on advanced communication competences in the context of ICT.