The primary objective is to improve internal and external communication in the context of information and communication technology. In particular, to:
  • cooperatively develop and conduct 4 attractive doctoral courses offering experiential learning
  • conduct at least 8 practice/research workshops that will reach about 60 participants from at least 20 businesses or educational institutions of the border region
  • produce a web-application for cooperative work and sharing among participants
  • grow as a team and expand our own competences in effective listening, articulation, dialoging and building a shared vision while educating multipliers who will pass on their knowledge and competences to colleagues and students (about 600 per year)
  • disseminate research results in at least 4 international conferences, journals, and a book
  • initiate sustainable structures, relationships, and processes. These become visible e.g. in the continuation of the practice/research workshops after the 2nd year of the project, in further cooperation between the Universities, in international educational offerings.
  • propose 2 follow-up projects
  • strengthen the role of the Universities as mediators of life-long, postgraduate learning and as partners for profit- and non-profit organizations