iCom goals & offers

Based on a humanistic theory of interpersonal communication and on actual practitioners'/business needs, a bilateral supplementary doctoral curriculum consisting of 4 courses (on communication, learning organizations and systems science, agile management, and research methods) is being developed and offered at both universities. Simultaneously, dialogue with industry and schools is established and maintained via quarterly practice-research workshops conducted in the Vienna-Brno region. These workshops are devoted to shaping communication competences while engaging in networked problem solving, experiential learning, and the interactive transfer of knowledge and experience in a person-centered forum.
    Results are newly established and strengthened communication ties between enterprises, academia, and educational institutions leading to sustainable cooperation, business success, creative solutions, higher qualification, and, generally speaking, increased co-actualization of potentials. On a scientific level, the impact of the Person-Centered Approach as a foundation for constructive international relationships and effective teamwork in the age of the internet is going to be studied. Results will be disseminated at international conferences, in journals and in a book containing scenarios and patterns of good practice.

     iCom goals

    ·         Connect business and research and give the opportunity to use synergies by solving practical issues 

    ·         A stronger territorial co-operation between Austria and Czech Republic in the field of IT

    ·         Development of networks and “shared visions” between universities, business and educational

    ·         Build up “active listening” competences to improve the communication culture in companies

    ·         More conscious reflection of economic, social and scientific environments to ensure superior
           decision making
    ·         Introduce person-centered, constructive communication as success factor in organizations to
           enhance successful solutions, dialogue and development


             iCom offers

    ·         A bilateral, praxis-oriented doctorate offer within the doctorate studies Informatics and Business
    ·         8 Practice-Research Workshops to support the network between organizations (SME, educational
           institutions) among themselves and with the universities

    ·         A web portal for information and interaction

    ·         A possible involvement of businesses in research projects

    ·         Space for interchange and innovation, in which you can achieve more with partners than alone