Project Details

Context and objectives

Constructive Communication includes competences like active listening, transparent articulation, respect for others and extensive and deep understanding. Promoting these competences and facilitating research on the effect of constructive communication in the context of IT is the primary concern of the EU project iCom (2011 – 2013).

The two major universities in the region – the University of Vienna and the Masaryk University in Brno – are going to create an offer which should help to make the doctoral studies “Computer Science” and “Business Informatics” more accessible and attractive to working computer scientists. Simultaneously, the project aims for an exchange of experience and knowledge between science and economy. This is accomplished through research on actual and practical issues at the universities and through applying the research results to improve the practice.

Therefore, the thematic focus of the territorial co-operation lies on the enhancement of people’s qualification by building new competences, increasing the innovation potential and also facilitating the success of businesses and universities in the region.
Project partner and duration

The iCom project is co-operatively developed between the University of Vienna (represented by the Faculty of Informatics and the Postgraduate Center) and the Masaryk University (represented by the Faculty of Informatics) in Brno within 36 months (project start: 02.01.2011, project end: 31.12.2013).