iCom offers

Practice-Research Workshops

To enable an interchange, „Practice-Research Workshops“ will be organized in Vienna and Brno. The workshops are aiming to strengthen the network between the universities and IT companies and encourage the transfer of knowledge. This knowledge can be used at the universities to generate new impulses for current and practical research topics.

The developed networks should persist with the help of an interactive iCom web platform after the project ends. Besides the Faculties of Informatics, the institutions for Lifelong Learning at both universities are going to be involved in the project to support the further development of Lifelong Learning offers.

Offer in the doctorate study

The bilateral and practical offer within the framework of the doctoral studies “Computer Science” and “Business Informatics” is specially adjusted to the demands of working (business) computer scientists. It consists of four doctoral courses (alternately held at the University of Vienna and the Masaryk University). The courses’ goals are to acquire competences in International Communication, Agile Management, Learning Organizations and appropriate research methods.

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