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Dialogue with Maureen O'Hara, Ph.D.

Research on Competences, Culture and Organization in the 21st Century

From 10th until 12th of February 2014, Maureen O'Hara shared her experience and research with the iCom team.

Maureen O’Hara, Ph.D. is Professor of Psychology (National University, USA), President Emerita, (Saybrook University, San Francisco), and Director of the International Futures Forum-US. She is a licensed psychotherapist in practice for over three decades and worked closely with Carl R. Rogers in La Jolla, California facilitating encounter groups, large group events, and training psychotherapists in many countries. Her recent work explores the present and potential future impacts of global cultural shifts on psychological development and emotional wellbeing. Books include

»         Dancing at the Edge: Competence, Culture and Organization in the 21st Century  with G. Leicester (Triarchy, 2012)

»         Ten Things To Do In A Conceptual Emergency, with G. Leicester (Triarchy, 2009)

»         Handbook of Person-Centered Psychotherapy and Counselling with M. Cooper, P. Schmid and G. Wyatt (Palgrave Macmillan, 2008).

»         Em Busca da Vida, with C.R. Rogers, J.K. Wood and A. Fonseca (Summus, 1983)


Additional information on her work can be found here: http://maureen.ohara.net/.