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Constructive International Communication in the context of ICT 

The EU-project iCom (2011 – 2014) supports the territorial cooperation in the border region of Austria and the Czech Republic. It helps the two largest universities of that region, the University of Vienna and the Masaryk University in Brno to join forces in developing human resources by promoting and researching constructive, international communication in the context of Information- and Communication Technology (ICT).

iCom Book
Constructive Communication in International Teams

An Experience-Based Guide

While communicating has become much easier with new technologies, it hasn't necessarily become more successful. The complexity of communication has increased – and so have the pitfalls. Want to be one step ahead of them?

Based on the principles of humanistic management, this book offers a new angle on how effective communication can make a difference in your working life. The international team of authors – computer scientists, com-pany founders, start-up managers, researchers in communication and psychology and educators – bridges the gap between universities and the business world. They elaborate new paths to communication, leader-ship, and knowledge management, using real cases and research-based insights.

This book doesn't just offer simple "How-to-solutions", it aims at something more substantial: professional development and personal growth. It is about finding inspiration and sharing it with others.

Constructive Communication in International Teams
An Experience-Based Guide
2014, 248 pages, br., 34,90 €, ISBN 978-3-8309-3025-9
E-Book: 30,99 €

This book is available in bookstores or can be ordered here from the publisher.

iCom Videos

Markus Schett über effektive Kommunikation als Consultant

Mag. Markus Schett, Berater bei 42 virtual, teilt seine Erfahrungen aus dem Projektalltag. Er beschreibt, warum sein Projektgeschäft als Consultant ohne effektive Kommunikation nicht möglich wäre, weshalb -- seiner Erfahrung nach -- Projekte scheitern und warum sich Investitionen in Kommunikationskompetenzen lohnen.

Weiteres Video: Christian Hauser, HR Business Partner bei Microsoft, spricht über Kommunikation als Wettbewerbsvorteil
 Recent Events
Dialogue with Maureen O'Hara, Ph.D.
From 10th until 12th of February 2014, Maureen O'Hara shared her experience and research with the iCom team. Maureen O’Hara, Ph.D. is Professor of Psychology (National University, USA), President Emerita, (Saybrook University, San Francisco), and Director of the International Futures Forum-US. She is a licensed psychotherapist in practice for over three decades and worked closely with Carl R. Rogers in La Jolla, California facilitating encounter groups, large group events, and training psychotherapists in many countries.

3rd Computer Science Teacher Meeting
On June, 20 2013 the third iCom Computer Science Teacher Meeting took place at the Faculty of Computer Science in Vienna. Practitioners and a guest from the OLPC (One Laptop per Child) project joined us for an inspiring dialog. Read more...

8th Practice-Research Workshop "Change & Ambiguity"
On February, 26th 2013 the iCom-Project and the Postgraduate Center invited practitioners to participate in the 8th Practice-Research Workshop “Change & Ambiguity – Agile Strategies to Managing the Unpredictable”. Volatile external environments, especially in the IT sector and in SMEs and Start-Up companies, cause a high degree of uncertainty in preceding projects. Often, such unpredictable situations demand new strategies or fundamental changes. The workshop questioned how to deal with such external and internal changes. Participants elaborated how to deal with ambiguity in projects, how to manage relationships (towards customers as well as within the team or organization) throughout a change process, and how good communication can reduce ambiguity. Read more...
 In the context of the iCom-project and the certificate course „Effective Communication”, computer science professor Renate Motschnig discussed with experts from practice challenges, obstacles, and potentials for good communication.

All discussants agreed that communication it a major success factor for a project’s progress, and consequently also a high risk factor. To implement successful projects, companies are depending on employees with excellent social and communicative skills. Read more...