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Teacher Encounter

The iCom project was not only located out between university and business, but also took the dimension of secondary education with schools into account. If it is intended to develop fundamental skills on communication, skills and the attitude of persons and when persons should already have certain qualities for lifelong learning by entry to an university, then it is important that students are already prepared accordingly during their school education.  The education of our next generation is an essential part of a dialogue on knowledge building and knowledge transfer in the field of project management in IT projects. Therefore, we cross-linked in the iCom project computer science teachers from participating schools with IT managers from the business with scientists. We were able to achieve during the project period interesting insights, connections across the fields of IT industry, tertiary & secondary education where even dissertations emerged from.

The computer science teachers were connected via two types of events with industry and university: Practice-research workshops and teacher encounters. In addition to these official events, computer science teachers were very close connected with the Faculty of computer science and there was a constant exchange of information. First, in regular teacher encounter at the University of Vienna teachers were invited on current issues and individual concerns to exchange ideas and share experiences in different settings. In these encounters the teachers tried to establish a pleasant conversation as base in a very trusting, warm interpersonal climate. The teachers talked on topics as for example learning on three levels, and technical aspects of the curriculum. It should also be mentioned that the encounters were in part accompanied by a professional psychological therapist.  The first computer science teacher encounter was held in August 2011 in Vienna and had person-centered learning and methods as topic. This meeting was mainly about similarities and differences in different learning approaches. The second computer science teacher encounter was held in February 2012 in Vienna. This meeting was about teacher student relationship and how computer science students can get excited for computer science and how the programming of computer games can motivate pupils. The third and final computer science teacher encounter took place in June 2013 and covered topics such as assessment and technical possibilities such as the RaspberryPI for use in computer science instruction. In addition to the teacher encounters but the teachers were also part of the practice-research workshops with industry. On these occasions teachers reflected educational topics in a dialogue with IT managers and researchers from the University.