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International Expertise

The scientific results were significantly supported by interdisciplinary and international experts from various fields. Throughout the project, the scientific leaders Renate Motschnig (University of Vienna, Faculty of Computer Science) and Tomaš Pitner (Masaryk Universität, Faculty of Informatics) supervised and supported the PhD students, but also made it possible for the iCom network to share research ideas with international experts, create new content for education, and generate synergies for future mutual activities.

In 2012, David Ryback (EQ Associates International, Atlanta, GA) visited the iCom project and offered with his approach of connecting emotional intelligence with requirements in business environments an important basis for researching effective communication in the context of ICT.

In 2013, Jeffrey H. D. Cornelius-White, Psy.D., LPC (Professor, Department of Counceling, Leadership and Special Education, Missouri State University, USA) was invited to provide feedback and new inputs for the iCom researcher’s thesis. 

In 2014, Maureen O’Hara (Professor of Psychology, National University, La Jolla, USA and President Emerita, Saybrook University, San Francisco, USA) – who worked closely with Carl R. Rogers in California in facilitating encounter groups, shared her experience in research on competencies, culture and organization. Her lecture on impacts of global cultural shifts as well as personal research facilitation sessions offered large inspiration for the iCom researchers.