Constructive Communication in International Teams

The major experiences of the project were published in the book “Constructive Communciation in International Teams – An Experience-Based Guide” released in the Waxmann Verlag ( and is available in popular book stores such as  

The book specifically targets practitioners and should be an inspirational guide for project managers. As communication is essential for project success – especially in complex work environments such as IT project teams – the book provides project managers, consultants, IT experts and scientists with numerous supportive scenarios as well as research approaches oriented towards lived practice. The guidebook is the result of three years in bilateral research and knowledge transfer. It melds scientifically founded insights and considerations concerning knowledge transfer, learning organizations, leadership, communication and agility. Practitioners working in or with teams, especially project managers, may find incentives in topics such as supporting decision processes, transparency across hierarchical boundaries, as well as considerations about language and communication channels in international environments.

Twelve international authors – all members of the iCom Team – at the interface between science, information technology, project management and education collaborated in the development of the book. By a multitude of examples from real projects and organizations in the IT and education sector readers are invited to reflect on their personal values and communication skills. Times and again, focus is set on interpersonal interaction and cooperation in teams. Based on principles of humanistic management, this book gives experience, often encountered stumbling blocks and insights at hand to question and elaborate personal communication practice in teams.

The basic idea for the book stems from the collaboration with partners from industry: to make research results and significant events in the iCom project accessible for practitioners. Together, the twelve authors – the iCom team – formed a vision of the book as a support for constructive communication in international teams. In an agile process – in consultation with business partners - key insights concerning communication in teams were collected and sketched through fitting case stories. The result is a book that readers can use to reflect their interactions in teams. Moreover, the chapters of the book can be discussed in a team to learn together. In manifold ways this book enables and supports the expansion of personal ways of communication.

iCom Team (2014). Constructive Communciation in International Teams – An Experience-Based Guide. Münster: Waxmann Verlag.