P-R Workshop VI "Team Communciation & Creative Approaches"


Practice/Research Workshop VI Vienna

6th iCom Practice-Research Workshop

Team Communication & Creative Approaches

Challenges from Practice in the Context of IT

          Thursday, 31st of May 2012     13:00 - 18:30

           Friday,      1st of June 2012    09:00 - 13:00

Where?      SOPHIENALPE, Sophienstraße 113, 1140 Vienna, Austria 

The 6th iCom Practice-Research Workshop focused on challenges in communication on a team level and on how such challenges can be solved creatively. Inputs from a research perspective on how people learn in practice and what a “person”-factor in IT projects could mean (David Haselberger – University of Vienna, Faculty of Computer Science), provided impulses for the following discussions. In contrast, the presentation from the practitioner Antonín Moravec (Kentico) offered an insight on challenges in a fast-growing company in the Czech Republic.

In three workshop groups, the participants had the opportunity to share their experiences and develop solution strategies for the following topics:

1)    Team communication in intercultural teams

2)    Transparency in teams – impacts of transparency in teamwork

3)    Encountering change – the example of implementing agile methodologies in practice

In “phase one”, case example were developed in small groups and presented in the plenary. Supported by the input on how creativity can be facilitated from a person-centered perspective (Prof. Renate Motschnig – University of Vienna, Faculty of Computer Science), the small groups examined the selected cases and worked on solution approaches in “phase 2” on the second workshop day. The results were again presented and discussed in the plenary. 



* Searching for/sharing concrete solutions on TEAM COMMUNICATION & CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING.

* How do people learn in practice? Implications from a recent study.

The focus on the workshop lies on working on concrete situations regarding team communication in international teams, challenges in teamwork and on elaborating the impacts of transparency of teamwork. It will be questioned how problems can be solved creatively and how to encounter change in teams.



* IT-Professionals, Project Managers/Consultants in the field of ICT, PhD-students

For further information regarding the workshop or other project activities, please contact:  Mag. (FH) Christina Böhm
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