P-R Workshop I Brno

DATE May 12th, 2011 (13:00 - 15:30)    
PLACE Brno, Masaryk University, Faculty of Informatics, Botanická 68a
Meeting Room, 5th Floor B or ICS Meeting Room/Club (Building C, Floor -1)
On 12th of May, 2011, the first iCom Practice-Research Workshop took place in Brno.
After introducing the content and the goals of the iCom project, we discussed current challenges and problems in IT projects and within IT companies. 
Thanks to all participants for sharing issues openly, introducing their personal leadership styles and software development methodology and giving impulses for new research topics.




Kentico software

K-net Technology International Group

Mycroft Mind

Red Hat czech

13:00  Welcome and Overview
13:05 What is iCom?
13:30 Thematic groups
Presentation of findings
15:00 Get together & Feedback
15:30 Information about the supplementary, problem oriented Doctoral Program (optional)

Practice/Research Workshop I Brno


Sparks from the audience

  • “We need to re-educate the graduates from 
  • schools until they overcome the damage done 
  • in school education and assimilate the 
  • company’s culture which is based much on 
  • sharing of responsibility and power, and on
  • self-initiative. Some never arrive and leave, but
  • most succeed in a few years.”
  • “The benefits mentioned are quite general, what 
  • would they mean in more concrete 

  • terms?” [Response: Besides promoting
  • presentations skills, also promote dialoging 

  • competence, since you might get convinced it is 

  • essential.]
  • Companies value graduates with soft-skill 
  • more highly than “just” technology experts. 

  • Some provide courses on presentation skills 
  • themselves.
Impressions from members of the iCom team
  • "We have chosen only the reliable and long-time partners, but I still did not know before the event how they would react. I was positively surprised how they discussed, with very good English, very targeted and catching the points."
  • "I was quite impressed to hear that some companies really work in such an innovative way (concerning „leadership“). I still think that there’s a lot of potential for them to learn and share and for sure for our research."
  • "I was nicely surprised by the opened and friendly atmosphere. Honestly I didn't expect that the business partners would reveal so much of their company experiences."
  • (paraphrasing one of the key issues of our meeting) "LET PEOPLE GROW."

  • "Initially I had the impression that all the participants had perfect solutions for everything and absolutely no need to “learn” something. Only slowly people opened up to challenges, such as email communication with US management, lacking presentations skills of graduates, too little empathy towards the customer, etc. It felt really good to respond to some speakers in a way they felt received in my perception, e.g. by using their words and checking understanding before coming 'to the point'." 
  • "For me personally the meeting was interesting as I identified some concern of the industry in the education of future employees in regard of presentation skills and so on. Even though they apparently meant tertiary education I think that such skills have to be an issue already at secondary level what motivates me even more to involve teachers at this level into the project."