Workshop “Flexibility in Intercultural Communication”

From 30th of July until 1st of August, 2012, the international GLOGIFT conference 2012 – organized in cooperation with the OCG (Österreichischen Computergesellschaft) and IFRS –  was hosted at the University of Vienna. On 31st of July, ao. Univ.-Prof. Renate Motschnig (University of Vienna, Faculty of Computer Science), supported by Christina Böhm, and Prof. Gerhard Chroust (emeritus at the JF University Linz) held the workshop “Flexibility in Intercultural Communication” with participants from India, Austria and Japan.

In line with the conference theme “Systemic Flexibility and Business Agility”, the half-day workshop examined how to flexibly deal with different cultures in a globalized business environment. In a tremendous open and constructive atmosphere, the participants shared their experience, discussed new approaches in research and examined needed practical application possibilities.

The preparation and realization of the workshop was financially supported by the EU-project „iCom – International Constructive Communication in the Context of ICT“.