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PhD Course IV Brno - The Learning Organization in the Age of the Internet

From November, 21st – 23rd, 2012 the 4th iCom PhD course was held in cooperation with the Faculty of Informatics (Masaryk University) in Brno. The course offer was designed for doctorate candidates in the field of Informatics and Business Informatics, but also available business partners from the iCom project in order to include a practical perspective.

The course was facilitated by visiting lecturer Antonio Monteiro dos Santos (Brazil/USA), Professor Renate Motschnig (University of Vienna), Priv.-Doz. Nino Tomaschek (Postgraduate Center / University of Vienna) and Professor Tomáš Pitner (Masaryk University Brno).


Besides content-related inputs on “learning organizations”, “innovation” and “wise intelligence” in the context of new communication media, the course allowed the international participants to elaborate the principles of a learning organization based on practical cases in small work groups and reflect critically on the characteristics and demands of such an organization.


Detailed information about the course structure is available on CEWEBs.



 21.11. – 23.11.2012


Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University Brno, Botanická 554/68a, Ponava, Brno, CZ



Antonio Monteiro dos Santos, Ph.D. (Brazil/USA)

International work groups - lecturers, professors and participants from Austria, Czech Republic, Slowakia and Brazil/USA:

Intense professional sharing between the lecturers (left: Priv.-Doz. Mag. Dr. Nino Tomaschek, MAS / right: Antonio Monteiro dos Santos, Ph.D.):